PayTechs blaze a trail in this week’s funding rounds

In the 25 FinTech funding rounds reported by FinTech Global this week, PayTech and Crypto firms led the way with high levels of funding.

Shark Bait: What Growth Equity Investors are Looking For – Vincent Letteri


Vincent E. Letteri is a member of the Technology, Media & Telecommunications industry team for KKR’s Private Equity platform. He focuses primarily on growth equity TMT investments in the Americas. Mr. Letteri originally joined KKR Capstone in 2007 before becoming a part of KKR’s TMT team in 2015. While at KKR Capstone he worked across a number of KKR portfolio companies including US Foods, Oriental Brewery, MMI, Yageo, and First Data. Mr. Letteri transferred to the Hong Kong office from 2009 to 2011 to assist in developing KKR Capstone’s Asia operations and to work with portfolio companies in the region. He also co-led KKR’s Green Portfolio Program from 2009 to 2012.

Prior to KKR Capstone, Mr. Letteri worked for Nike, Inc., and McKinsey & Company in Boston, where he focused on private equity, retail, and consumer goods companies. He holds a B.A. with honors from Harvard University and an M.B.A. from Stanford University. Mr. Letteri currently sits on the Board of Directors at Jitterbit, Calabrio, and Cherwell.


Novatech Withdrawal UPDATE !!

Disclaimer: I’m not a financial advisor and this is not financial advice.

I’m just showing you guys my Journey in this space..

Join Novatechfx:

Novatech, once registered you only have 48hrs to fund your account, so fund your wallet before registration!!

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Sending funds into cryptoprogram you MUST have a decentralised wallet.


Join CMB:

A Whooping 1.2 – 1.8% and beyond

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So I will leave you with this Fabulous Quote from Albert Einstein.

Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it. Earns it.. He who doesn’t pays it…

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Wapi Pay raises 2.2 million dollars in pre-seed funding


Wapi Pay raises 2.2 million dollars in pre-seed funding

Cash to finance scaling up of operations

Wapi Pay is a fintech headquartered in Kenya

Fintech offers platform-to-platform integrations

Wapi Pay to engage regulators for licensing across Africa

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Nium Presents: What’s Next For Fintech Funding?

Funding for the global fintech sector is at a three-year low, as investors worry that the COVID-19 pandemic will lead to a brutal recession. Whether you’re a founder in Asia looking to raise your next round or an entrepreneur in the US eyeing a seed fundraise, COVID-19 has significantly changed the dynamics of start-up funding. So how do you approach fundraising in a downturn? Is a dry spell lurking or are new opportunities being created? Join us for this webinar, moderated by Rebecca Martin, as veteran early-stage investors Amrish Rau and Sheel Mohnot explain what founders can do to raise successfully in this environment.