Vezgo bags funding to help FinTechs bridge the gap into Web3

Vezgo, company on a mission to help Web 2 FinTechs bridge the gap into Web3, has raised $750,000 in an oversubscribed pre-seed funding round.

( Ep. 1) How to launch in Web3: Best practices for traditional enterprises

In this episode we talk to Daniel Lenikus on how to launch in Web3 as a traditional brand and which pitfalls to avoid.

Daniel Lenikus is the founder of Tokapi, a custodial NFT marketplace.

0:00 Intro
2:23 First experience with NFTs
2:12 What does Tokapi do?
3:00 Custodial vs. Non-custodial
6:17 Challenges for traditional brands in web3
9:40 Brands with a good Web3 entry
15:10 Brands with a bad Web3 entry
20:10 Learnings working with traditional brands
22:21 How does Tokapi help launch NFTs?
25:40 Advice for traditional brands launching in Web3

bbo free #83

his video is of the Feb 10, 2023, Free BBO Instant Tournament for members of the Amelia Island Duplicate Bridge Club or anyone else who is interested. As you know, in past videos, I spent most time showing Bergen hand evaluations for our club members. Seems like most of us have that down now. This starts a series complementing the “just declare” daylong event with an emphasis on deal analysis at trick 1 (counting losers, winners, figuring out how many additional tricks you need to establish and how many additional losers — besides 100% certain losers you identified — that you can afford to lose. This is part of the idea I mentioned back in June where I mentioned that I might begin talking about planning play of hand using Eric Rodwell’s tips from his book “Rodwell files: Secrets of a bridge champion” if there is interest.

Reminder any if any emphasis on Bergen Hand Evaluation sounds strange there is a short video on Bergen Hand Evaluation method at the following link:​ (You can also read about his method in his book “Slam bidding made Easy or in his long series or articles in the ACBL Bulletins during 2019 and 2020). You can also watch a professional player’s thoughts on these hands by viewing Peter Hollands channel on BBO

Portions of the materials used are copyrighted works of Bridge Base On Line, LLC (BBO). All rights reserved by BBO. This material is not official and is not endorsed by BBO

How to be a Web3 VC with Haseeb Qureshi | Layer Zero

First, Haseeb Qureshi was a Texas Hold’em poker player. Then Haseeb learned how to code and worked as a software engineer for Airbnb. He went down the crypto rabbithole and is now the managing partner at Dragonfly Capital, as well as an accomplished writer and coder.

When Haseeb has come on the podcast previously, we covered theses and mental models. Today on Layer Zero, we explore the dynamics of being a venture capitalist in Web3. How does one find a path to becoming a VC?

We dive into what to look for in an internal team and external portfolio companies, as well as proper form for selling investments in a credible and honorable way. Haseeb’s long term approach to Web3 is salient as always, and this episode is must-listen if you are interested in becoming a crypto VC.

�� ZERION | Trade Across 7 Networks and 500+ protocols









Topics Covered:

0:00 Intro
4:30 Extremely Bullish and Bearish
9:04 Play-to-Earn Gaming
14:00 Poker & Venture Capital
17:15 Positive Sum Games
20:20 How to Add Value
26:22 How to be a Good Investor
32:09 Haseeb’s Pitch to Founders
34:22 How to Sell Tokens
39:45 Fad or Generational Wealth?
45:08 Near Protocols and Alt-L1s
50:00 VCs vs Retail
57:30 How to Take Responsibility
1:02:44 Airdrops
1:09:04 Fulfilling Web3’s Promises


Haseeb on Twitter
Dragonfly Capital
Bankless Podcast 103 with Haseeb
“Blockchains are Cities”
“Why Decentralization Isn’t As Important As You Think”
“I’m Worried No One Will Care About Rollups”

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