Virtualness lands $8m in seed financing raise

Virtualness, a US-based provider of a mobile-first platform to help navigate the Web3 space, has scored $8m in seed funding.

Groyyo Raises $4.6 Mn in Seed Funding. #shorts #startup

Raising Pre-Seed Capital for Your Startup

We are here to provide your startup business with access to early-stage funding.

Seed Funding Explained | What Is Seed Funding? #shorts #startup

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Seed funding is a type of investment that helps a new business get off the ground. It is typically the very first round of funding that a company receives, and it is usually provided by angel investors, venture capital firms, or other types of investors. The money from seed funding is used to help the company develop its product or service, conduct market research, and build a team. It is called “seed” funding because it helps the company plant the seeds of growth, which it can then nurture and cultivate over time. Seed funding is an important part of the startup process, as it provides the resources and support that a new business needs to get up and running.

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Seed Funding For Startups: How To Raise Venture Capital As An Entrepreneur

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Most entrepreneurs struggle to raise money. In fact, it’s normal to start out with money from friends and family. The thing about raising venture capital is, it doesn’t get taught in school. So how would you know to approach it? Watch this video to get advice from multi-millionaire Dan Lok.

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This video is about Seed Funding For Startups: How To Raise Venture Capital As An Entrepreneur.