Want to own a portion of Warhol's Four Marilyns? Sign up with Sygnum

Digital asset bank Sygnum has tokenized an iconic Four Marilyns painting by Andy Warhol, enabling investors to stake a claim to co-onwership under the Swiss DLT legal framework.

Why I joined Sygnum: Gabriela Maria Payer

CryptoPunk #6808 tokenized by Sygnum Bank

➡Sygnum Bank has tokenized blue-chip NFT CryptoPunk #6808 using its Desygnate primary market issuance platform

➡From January 2022, CP6808 tradeable asset tokens will be available exclusively to Sygnum clients for co-ownership on SygnEx, Sygnum’s secondary market

➡Represents the first step towards embracing the emerging NFT market and Web 3.0 experiences into Sygnum’s vision for Future Finance

More info here: https://www.insights.sygnum.com/post/cryptopunk-6808-tokenized-by-sygnum-bank

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Sygnum Bank – DeFi and regulated digital asset banking

DeFi, short for Decentralised Finance, has been creating a lot of buzz in the blockchain community. Instead of decentralising currency, such as with Bitcoin, DeFi’s objective is to decentralise financial products and services. Decentralisation increases accessibility to these products and services by creating an open financial ecosystem built on top of public blockchains.
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About Sygnum Bank
Sygnum is a digital asset specialist with a Swiss banking and securities dealer licence, as well as a capital markets services (CMS) licence in Singapore. We empower institutional and private qualified investors, corporates, banks and other financial institutions to invest in the digital asset economy with complete trust.

Sygnum offers a portfolio of banking services that seamlessly integrates major fiat currencies (CHF, SGD, EUR and USD) with a portfolio of digital assets, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and soon a digital CHF and asset tokens – all in one account.

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Inside Sygnum, the World’s First Digital Asset Bank: Tokenization & Crypto-Trading | SFF 2020

In this Live Session “Inside Sygnum Bank”, come into our Zurich offices to hear the latest thinking on two hot industry topics. In the first speed-panel on Bank-grade Tokenization, we talk about the macro, market & tech factors behind the rise of tokenization, and how our Desygnate platform is creating unique investment opportunities for issuers & investors – for example via fractional ownership of art & real estate developments. We then go to the markets in our Crypto Trading panel, where we review a break-through year for Bitcoin and Ethereum, look ahead to 2021, and also show how investors can generate attractive yields via staking ETH 2.0 and Tezos.

• Dominic Lohberger, Head of Brokerage, Sygnum Bank
• Fabian Dori, Group Chief Executive Officer a.i. and Head Asset Management, Sygnum Bank
• Martin Burgherr, Chief Client Officer – Member of the Group Executive Board, Sygnum Bank
• Thomas Eichenberger, Member of the Group Executive Board, Sygnum
• Moderator: Dom Castley, Chief Marketing Officer, Sygnum Bank